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GUEST OPINION PIECE: The True Effect of Mining

03 September 2017, 19:00

Mining is not part of a development plan.  It is a process that extracts minerals from the earth and enriches a...

Foul Dam Water

By Derek Watts, 02 July 2017, 19:00
Derek Watts

This article was updated on 2 July 2017. Carte Blanche has taken me to some exotic locations… Mount Everest base camp...

Water Overuse: Our Self-inflicted Demise

20 September 2016, 13:22

About two years ago I departed with two other adventurers on a three month expedition from the source of the Vaal River...

Where to Report Illegal Dumping

17 July 2016, 19:20

Municipal rubbish removal only attends to illegal dumping on pavements, streets and council-owned land. NATIONAL...