20 Easy Ways to Save Water

What can the average person do to try and keep taps flowing?
We have 20 ways that you, your family and friends can save water – if you aren’t already.

The Western Cape is experiencing serious water shortages, so any rules applied in those areas would supersede these more general water saving practices.

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20 Easy Ways to Save Water

Make sure you’re taking steps to save water wherever you can.


In severe water shortage cases, there are a number of things you can do to make things more bearable:

  • Manage your fluid intake. While you need to cut back on water usage, you must never ration your daily drinking water.
  • Buy electrolyte-enhanced liquids (like Powerade and Energade) if drinking water isn’t available.
  • Use waterless hand sanitiser, dry shampoo and conditioner and have a sponge bath over a bucket or basin.


  • Closing taps properly saves up to 900 litres per month.
  • Turning the tap off when washing hands, face, brushing teeth and shaving saves up to 20 litres per month.
  • Fixing leaking toilets saves up to 22,000 litres per month.
  • Using a bucket, not a hose, to wash your car saves up to 300 litres per wash.


Report significant water loss: burst pipes, faulty meters, overflowing sewers, open hydrants and other leaks.

Cape Town
Website: www.capetown.gov.za
0860 103 089 (choose option 2: water-related faults)
SMS: 31373 (max of 160 characters)
Email: waterTOC@capetown.gov.za

Website: www.johannesburgwater.co.za
Telephone | +2711 688 1400
SMS Line | +2782 653 2143
Tip-offs Anonymous | +2780 000 2587
Email | customer@jwater.co.za

Website: www1.durban.gov.za
080 13 13 013

Be sure to provide your water provider with the following information:

  • The area and street.
  • House number nearest the reported leak.
  • Leak description.
  • Your contact number.

For more ways to report water leaks, click here.