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Coverage of our Making a Difference Trust Projects

Sebokeng: Making a difference in tiny lives
27 November 2016
SebokengThe neonatal unit at Sebokeng Hospital, one of the largest regional hospitals in Gauteng, is the only unit taking in babies from the surrounding areas as well as patients referred from other provinces. Adding to the significant patient burden is the fact that this neonatal unit has only been able to accommodate babies up to 28 days old, compromising their care thereafter. But there is hope. The Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust’s new sophisticated Infant High Care Ward is saving tiny lives.
Tygerberg Children’s Hospital
29 November 2015
Tygerberg-exteriorFor its seventeenth project, the campaign plans to help babies and children admitted to Tygerberg Children’s Hospital. The Trust’s vision is a dedicated Neonatal and Paediatric Operating Theatre and the target is R16m. “We need corporate donors, we need individuals, we need people with specialist skills and we need – as always – our material donors to come to the table” – Karolina Andropoulos (MAD Trust Patron).
Top Tech for Frere
5 December 2014
MedicineFunded by the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Campaign, the East London’s Frere Hospital now boasts two new state of the art dedicated paediatric operating theatres complete with Recovery and Nurses stations, management offices, sterilisation rooms and more.
22 December 2013
22Dec-KalafongThe Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust was launched on Carte Blanche’s 20th birthday. Five years on and many projects later, a much-needed paediatric burns facility has been opened at Kalafong Hospital.
KE8 One Year On
16 June 2013
BHP-10While bureaucratic bungling and botched hospital procedures in KZN are costing lives and taxpayers billions, one medical unit has seen a drop in mortality rates. It’s been just over a year since the opening of the BHP Billiton Paediatric Centre of Excellence, a project that has changed the face of King Edward VIII Hospital in Durban. Made possible by the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust and its sponsors, the Centre has become a beacon of hope for parents, children and doctors from the north of the Eastern Cape to the North Coast. >>More.
Legacy 2012
23 December 2012
BHP Billiton Paediatric CentreA good year for the Carte Blanche Making A Difference Trust with the opening of a brand new paediatric hospital at King Edward VIII in Durban, financed by the private sector. But it hasn’t stopped there.
BHP Billiton Paediatric Centre Of Excellence
10 June 2012
BHP-5A special broadcast from Durban, where things will never be the same at King Edward VIII Hospital. That’s thanks to BHP Billiton and the Carte Blanche Making a Difference campaign who have handed over to the Department of Health a brand new hospital, financed by the private sector. It began in 2008 as an idea to celebrate Carte Blanche’s 20th birthday and it became a campaign bigger than anyone ever imagined. >>More.
13 May 2012
Chris Hani BaragwanathResearch shows that children of teen mothers are pre-disposed to birth defects for a variety of reasons, including socio-economic ones. And doctors at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital say disorders are becoming more common – so no better time to receive a brand new ICU from the Carte Blanche Making A Difference campaign to treat babies desperately in need of specialised treatment. >>More.
Dr Clean-Up
13 November 2011
Dr Clean-upHe’s being called Dr Clean-up and he’s reduced the Eastern Cape health department’s budget deficit from R2.8-billion to R800-million. Dr Siva Pillay is the Superintendent-General of Health in the province, doesn’t take home a salary, and is using his considerable business clout to turn the department around. Maybe Eastern Cape State hospitals will eventually lose their reputation as those to which you’d definitely not want to be admitted. Carte Blanche met a man on a mission to expose the lazy and corrupt. >>More.
16 October 2011
AwardsSouth Africa is one of only 12 countries in the world where child mortality is increasing, rather than decreasing. More than 40 percent of these deaths occur within the first month of life, indicating that hospital care may not always be what it should. But the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Campaign is trying to change the paediatric units of several State hospitals. In October 2011, the first campaign award ceremony was held to acknowledge those who’ve helped us put children first. >>More.
28 August 2011
South Africa’s skills shortage, particularly in the nursing sector, is having a grave effect on many State hospitals, with trained nurses being recruited to work overseas and in the private sector. In 2009, the Carte Blanche Making a Difference campaign donated to the Universitas Hospital in Bloemfontein what we thought was a much-needed paediatric high care ward. But a surprise visit to the institution two years later, showed a different story. Carte Blanche reports back. >>More.
1 May 2011
Charlotte Maxeke HandoverIt’s almost three years since the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Campaign was launched and, from modest beginnings, it’s gone on to become one of the biggest charities in the country, with a total of over R75-million. The paediatric units of several State hospitals have been completely transformed, and still the work continues. Carte Blanche catches up. >>More.
Thousand Hills
1000 HillsSouth Africa would be a lot poorer were it not for selfless individuals who give of their time and energy to help those in need. Dawn Leppan is one such person. She and her Thousand Hills community helpers feed hundreds of indigent people every day. Now her inspirational work has been given a boost by the Carte Blanche Making a Difference campaign. >>More.
Child Welfare
28 November 2010
Johannesburg Child WelfareCarte Blanche’s Making a Difference campaign has raised over R74-million with the help of viewers and corporate sponsors. The campaign is largely known for equipment donated to paediatric surgery and intensive care units in several state academic hospitals. But we also assist certain child welfare organisations. Here’s an update on the Johannesburg Parent and Child Counselling Centre’s project in the North-West Province. >>More.
Still Making A Difference
5 September 2010
UniversitasIt’s been two years since the launch of our Making a Difference campaign to celebrate our 20th birthday. Since then viewers and corporate sponsors have raised more than R70-million to upgrade and rebuild paediatric facilities at several State hospitals. But the difference it’s made to little lives and the doctors and nursing staff involved cannot be measured. >>More.
A Gem in Kimberley
31 January 2010
In 2008 Carte Blanche launched a campaign to raise R20-million to refurbish six State hospitals. We’ve more than trebled that amount and in this update we focus on the Kimberley Hospital Complex where a private public partnership has completely transformed the paediatric ICU. Carte Blanche makes a difference.
29 November 2009
Johannesburg Child WelfareChristmas is almost upon us and the Carte Blanche Making a Difference campaign is trying to ensure it is memorable for children. We’ve already donated millions of rands worth of equipment to the paediatric units of selected State hospitals. Here’s an update on how our charities have benefited from the generosity of corporate sponsors and Carte Blanche viewers.
Millions IV
15 November 2009

An update on the Carte Blanche Making a Difference campaign which has funded paediatric units and continues to change lives at State hospitals from Kimberley in the Northern Cape to King Edward VIII Hospital in Durban.

World Class
27 September 2009
Carte Blanche’s birthday campaign has delivered again, this time to the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital. A state of the art digital theatre now makes endoscopic surgery on a par with the best in the world. Meet Timothy and Marvin, operated on just weeks ago, whose lives have changed forever.

Beds of Hope
30 August 2009
It’s been a year since the launch of the Carte Blanche campaign to fund paediatric surgical units at six State hospitals. A year in which, thanks to our generous sponsors, we’ve handed over much-needed equipment, including a heart lung machine which saved 45 young lives in the first 100 days of its use. This week the spotlight is on Bloemfontein’s Universitas Hospital, where millions has been spent on new equipment for neo-natal wards.

On The Delivery Trail
17 May 2009
Steve Biko The Carte Blanche birthday campaign has done it again, this time delivering on its promises to a Pretoria state hospital. Steve Biko Academic Hospital now has a much needed haemodialysis machine for children with renal problems, a cardiac ultrasound system and much, much more. Carte Blanche reports back on how deliveries have improved lives.

Life-Saving Deliveries
19 April 2009
The latest on the Carte Blanche 20th birthday campaign, which set out to raise millions for charity. It’s been a slow process with lots of red tape, but finally the paediatric units of selected state hospitals are receiving life-saving equipment. And it’s already being put to use.

Millions III
7 December 2008
Baby in ICUCarte Blanche has raised a massive R55,5-million for charity, since the launch of our 20th birthday campaign in August. It’s all about helping children and South African companies and the public have been more than generous in their commitment to our cause.

Millions II
5 October 2008
UniversitasHospital names may change, but Carte Blanche’s commitment to children being treated at these hospitals does not. Catch up with the latest on our campaign to make the work of dedicated doctors and staff in the paediatric units at some of South Africa’s biggest public hospitals easier, as well as charities who are also benefiting from the generosity of our viewing public.

28 September 2008
Thousand HillsWe bring you up to date with our ‘making a difference’ birthday campaign, which has enabled Carte Blanche to give back to the wider South African community after so many years of support. The generosity of the viewing public has far exceeded our expectations, with corporate sponsors donating millions to a campaign in which every rand counts to changing the lives of the children who will become tomorrow’s leaders and future Carte Blanche viewers.

Africa’s Angels
14 September 2008
This week the Carte Blanche “Make a difference” birthday campaign focuses on charities that have the heart-wrenching task of caring for AIDS orphans. We meet the social workers from the Johannesburg Parent and Child Counselling Centre who aren’t called Africa’s angels for nothing.
Tools for Life
7 September 2008
With only 14 ICU beds for premature babies at Bloemfontein Academic Hospital, those who don’t come into the world fighting fit face a battle to survive. In this update we look at neo-natal needs in the Free State where Carte Blanche is raising millions for the “Beds of Hope” campaign.

Finding Care
24 August 2008
Making a Difference TrustThe campaign continues. Carte Blanche has so far raised several million rand for hospitals and charities as a way of giving back after 20 years of broadcasting. This Sunday, we visit King Edward VIII Hospital in Durban. The 2nd biggest hospital in the country, its needs are vast and the best care cannot always be guaranteed to infants in the neo-natal unit because of outdated equipment and a shortage of beds and staff.
Abandoned Babies
17 August 2008
Babies are abandoned at an alarming rate in South Africa and there is a dire shortage of adoptive and foster parents. Lenise and Alan Hamilton have fostered 39 babies in the past 12 years as a way of making a difference and giving back to society. Carte Blanche is doing the same for the next six weeks as part of our 20th birthday campaign. This update looks at the needs of hospitals and charities.

A Day in the Life
10 August 2008
Chris Hani BaragwanathWe bring you a story of those fighting to save lives against all odds at two of the busiest paediatric surgical units in the world. Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital – where 24 000 babies are born every year – has only 12 ventilated ICU beds; and Johannesburg Hospital, where a child must be transferred to an adult ICU bed to keep him alive. It’s a heart-rending overview of the daily battle for life, with scarce resources, and part of the Carte Blanche Making a Difference campaign to give something worthwhile back to South Africa after 20 years of broadcasting.

Making a Difference
3 August 2008
CB Making a DifferenceCarte Blanche has been making a difference for 20 years. To celebrate two decades of broadcasting, M-Net’s flagship current affairs show will be launching an initiative to give back to communities through a series of programs that will benefit South African hospitals and children.