Krugersdorp Killers: A Trail of Tragedy

For four years, the community of Krugersdorp’s been living in fear. It seemed a merciless serial killer was on the loose, having killed three people in a matter of one month. However, no one could dream up the true horror and bizarre nature of this killing spree spanning from 2012 and 2016. Following a lengthy investigation, police finally nabbed not just one person, but an entire family and their friends for the murders. But that wasn’t the end of it.


In late 2016, one of the six accused, John Barnard, turned State witness and shared everything he knew. His testimony was chilling – not only were the so-called Krugersdorp Killers allegedly linked to three murders, but a further 8 victims were also now possibly linked to the killers. What started it all? According to Barnard, a fallout between the supposed leader of the murderous group, Cecilia Steyn, and a member of a church group called Overcomers Through Christ set off a lengthy and bloody killing spree. The quiet community of Krugersdorp was stunned.

But Krugersdorp residents and the families of the victims could also finally breathe a sigh of relief, as the Krugersdorp Killers finally appeared in court, facing over 30 charges including murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, theft, fraud, intimidation and racketeering.

We take a look at the accused, the victims and the Krugersdorp Killers’ trail of tragedy.

UPDATE 16 MAY 2018: Le Roux Steyn entered a plea deal with the State and was sentenced to 35 years behind bars, reduced by 10 years on the condition he turns State witness. Marinda Steyn, Le Roux and Marcel’s mother, also entered a plea agreement with the State and was sentenced to 11 life sentences as well as an additional 115 years for theft, fraud and racketeering to be served concurrently.

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