Brandon Kynoch: Winning the Game

My name is Brandon Kynoch. I am currently 16 years old and living in Johannesburg. I gained a huge interest in game development, programming and graphic design at the age of eleven. Since then, I have taught myself absolutely everything that I know in this regard by using free learning resources on the internet and computer science books purchased online.


I started to develop games just for the fun of it and to improve my skills. My first game, Blast: A Tank Game, started out as just another small game, but I realised it had a lot of potential and published it on the Apple App Store. My second mobile game, Torus, is a much smaller game and has, since its launch, become very popular.

Once I complete school I would like to move to America to study computer science at MIT or Stanford. I have always loved America, and feel that it holds the best opportunities for me in terms of studying and business. I have a huge interest in algorithms and algorithm analysis and already self-study computer science in my free time. This knowledge is required often when programming and developing games and therefore it is important for me to pursue my studies in computer science.

America is also home to many major game development studios and triple-A companies, and this is where I would like to see myself and my company Hard Graft Studios in the future. I intend to develop my studio headquarters in America, and grow my one-man company into a triple-A game development studio. I see Hard Graft Studios becoming an internationally acclaimed studio, with thousands of developers working to regularly pump out high-quality games.

I am currently just developing mobile games as I am an indie (independent) developer, and will continue to do so to grow my company. However, I hope to move towards console and multi-platform titles in the future.

Should my company become very successful, I would also like to explore other fields of technology.