Devi Sankaree Govender

Devi Sankaree Govender

Devi Sankaree Govender is an award-winning investigative journalist who has spent the past 24 years working in the media, starting out on radio and later turning to print and television. Devi, an MBA graduate, joined Carte Blanche in 2002 and often finds herself in the middle of life-threatening situations. She has gained a reputation for being fearless in her efforts to expose corruption wherever it exists.

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Devi Sankaree Govender's latest Blog Posts

The Day I Chose Me

21 November 2016, 11:16

I’m a working wife and mum. Two children, both under 16. There’ve been moments when I wanted to leave everything...

Bringing Betty Home

15 May 2016, 19:00

There are many things about the day I first met Betty Ketani’s family in Queenstown I won’t forget.  It was the...

Devi on Motherhood

08 May 2016, 0:00

They’re really lovely, my lot at home. This is not to say they can’t be extremely irritating.  You know, in that...

Degrees of Freedom – Devi Sankaree Govender

27 April 2016, 0:00

I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but a week before the country’s first democratic elections I was recruited by...

The Clutches of Melchizedek

07 March 2016, 13:09

Vrot. That’s how Carte Blanche producer, Graham Coetzer described the living conditions at Melchizedek, a huddle of...

Not a Drop of Water to Drink

17 January 2016, 19:38

It’s dry in the Free State.  Dry and hot.  You can feel the dust in your throat.  Matted into your hair.  Pushed deep under your fingernails.  Printed into your eyeballs.  Five minutes in the sun is long enough to cause a heat rash.

What it’s like covering Oscar Pistorius

27 October 2015, 13:20

It all started with an SMS from a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. Sash: “Any chance of lunch today? Please?...

Miscarriage: The Birth Of Death

11 October 2015, 19:30

This was one of the most difficult stories I have ever had to work on. Heart-wrenching. What if you fell pregnant and,...

Wild Pets

29 September 2015, 11:45

You’re either an animal person or you are not. I’m an animal person. You’re either a dog or cat person. I’m a...

Gita November

14 June 2015, 19:45

It’s after 10pm on a weekday night and transgender sex worker Gita November and I are standing on a Saldanha street corner. Hours earlier I realised I’m not appropriately dressed. Black boots, black shift dress and too much makeup. I look the part.

Just a spoonful?

31 May 2015, 20:00

At first, I didn’t get it. Why would somebody pile teaspoons of sugar into their mouths on a regular basis and like it? Drug addiction, alcohol addiction - I get that. Socially unacceptable, with devastating effects on the addict and loved ones.   

Money or Medals

22 February 2015, 20:00

Most of us didn’t even know we had a world-class rowing team until they won gold at the 2012 Olympic Games.