Derek Watts

Derek Watts

Derek Watts has been a journalist for nearly 30 years, presenting on South African television since 1985 as a sports anchor. Derek has been an anchor and presenter on Carte Blanche since the programme's inception in 1988.

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Imprisoned by Circumstance

02 October 2017, 12:34

There’s a fascination about prisons and life behind bars. Just ask M-Net’s Prison Break fans on a Monday night. And...

[DEREK’S BLOG] Feisty Teens and Spinning Queens

24 July 2017, 17:15

I LOVE CARS. The latest off the production line that are the forerunners to autonomous driving. They follow the road...

DEREK’S BLOG: Living Her Dream

04 July 2017, 10:46

I TRULY BELIEVE that I could be one of the world’s greatest adventurers. Well…if it was a nine-to-five escapade...

Foul Dam Water

02 July 2017, 19:00

This article was updated on 2 July 2017. Carte Blanche has taken me to some exotic locations… Mount Everest base camp...

Age is Just a Number

13 February 2017, 10:55

One of the lies in life is “one size fits all.” It doesn’t apply to socks. And it doesn’t apply to how we...

Saving the Great White Shark

12 December 2016, 8:00

Originally published on 14 August 2016 GREAT WHITE SHARKS may be apex predators but the truth is they won’t stand...

Music and Machine

27 November 2016, 20:00

When Dan Rather left CBS Evening News, an eager reporter asked the celebrated American presenter to reveal the secret...

Making Magic Takes Time

01 August 2016, 7:58

We run a tight ship on Carte Blanche. Our crew numbers just four. Producer, camera, sound and presenter. The mission is...

Father’s Day: About my Dad

19 June 2016, 0:00

My father, Basil Havelock Watts, was a tough, straight-talking man with few social graces and no time for small talk.

The Devotees of the DJ Run

20 March 2016, 19:28

BACK IN the day (as my kids say) I ran a squash centre in Brickhill Road, Durban. It was a tough life. Playing squash a...

The Fearlessness that is Jetman

15 March 2016, 9:39

I love interviewing extreme sportsmen and women. Not because they are crazy daredevils. The truth is that they are just...

Digital Fix

20 December 2015, 19:00

It is probably one of the toughest selling jobs in the world: standing in front of a packed hall of teenage school kids and telling them that their addiction to digital devices is hurting their brains.