• Follow the Guns – Rights of Reply

    You can view all the responses and email trails from the various key players featured in our Follow the Guns exposé below. Right of Reply: National Prosecuting Authority’s Prosecutor Joanie Spies Right of Reply:... Read More
  • Time-to-crime and Gun Trafficking

    Time-to-crime is a widely used method of determining whether guns were trafficked. It is a measurement of the span of time that elapsed between the point at which a gun was first bought at a gun store and the point at... Read More
  • The Difference the Tygerberg Theatre is Making

    Some key Tygerberg Hospital staff talk to Carte Blanche about what the Making a Difference Trust’s new dedicated paediatric theatre means to them and how it will greatly improve on the important work they do.... Read More
  • Response from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China

    According to statistics mentioned by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China below, in 2017 over 58-million people entered or exited China, with around a million of those doing so for work. However to live... Read More
  • CIT Heists Facts & Figures

    It’s open warfare between robbers targeting cash in transit and the beleaguered guards who pay with their lives to protect clients’ assets. With cash-in-transit (CIT) heists making headlines on an almost weekly... Read More

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FIFA World Cup: Modric’s genius

FIFA World Cup: Modric’s genius

22 June 2018, 07:52

Will Neymar follow suit?

Weird World Cup moments

Weird World Cup moments

21 June 2018, 07:59

Remember these?

Senegal fly the flag for Africa

Senegal fly the flag for Africa

20 June 2018, 08:38

Yesterday’s World Cup action.