• 8 Ways To Up Your Online Privacy

    We’re surrounded by computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart watches and other devices that connect to the internet. While they make our lives so much simpler, and help us connect more than ever before, they... Read More
  • Kuru’s Story: Saving a Pangolin

    This pangolin was young, under two years of age. She was poached in the Kuruman region of the Northern Cape Province, South Africa.  Two men carried her in a blue crate until they were intercepted and arrested. The... Read More

    What Lies Beneath

    The phrase “I was never ready”, became a reality to me when I went down a sewer for the first time in my life.  There is no amount of preparation that one can do to deal with the noxious fumes that greet you when... Read More
  • 8 Facts About Pangolins

    Dating back millennia prior to humankind, the pangolin is truly pre-historic. With its armoured body and long tongue, this creature is fascinating. Sadly, they face the real possibility of becoming extinct. Native to 15... Read More

    The Heartbreak of Farm Murders

    This is my second attempt at writing this blog. The first was a desperately trite effort, doomed to fail on account of its being a thinly veiled attempt at what people with nose-rings and a vitamin D-deficiency might... Read More

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The Dish with Sips and Mish: Guest starring Kat Sinivasan

The Dish with Sips and Mish: Guest starring Kat Sinivasan

24 November 2017, 10:07

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Watch Everything, Everything on BoxOffice

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Black Friday BoxOffice sale

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