• Cyber War

    Untraceable Terror

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    In recent years, the Islamic State has exploited social media to not only recruit potential Jihadi fighters, but to also plan future attacks across the globe. With over 46 000 Twitter accounts linked to the Islamic...

  • 20 Easy ways to Save Water

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    What can the average person do to try and keep taps flowing into 2016? We have 20 ways that you, your family and friends can save water – if you aren’t already. Some areas are experiencing severe water...

  • Guest Blog

    Child Soldiers of the Caliphate

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    It’s the cruelty that haunts me.

  • Claire's Latest Blog

    The Malala Effect

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    Malala Yousafzai is known around the world as the girl who got shot in the face by the Taliban, because she spoke out about the rights of girl children to go to school. She survived the attempted assassination, and later became the youngest Nobel Prize laureate at 17.

  • Water Crisis

    Blue-Green Algae and Your Health

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    The growing presence of blue-green algae in South Africa’s main water sources has experts worried. With almost 62% of local water bodies contaminated, the high prevalence of algae blooms is cause for immediate concern...

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  • 20 Easy ways to Save Water

    28 November 2015, 8:00

    What can the average person do to try and keep taps flowing into 2016? We have 20 ways that you, your family and...

  • In Support of `Omar`

    22 November 2015, 19:00

    The Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund is raising money to provide medical, social and psychological care for...

  • REDISA’s Full Response to Carte Blanche

    15 November 2015, 19:00

    You pay R2.30 per kilogram for every new tyre you buy – this is part of a tyre tax plan called REDISA. In 2012 Carte Blanche asked REDISA CEO Hermann Erdmann if the REDISA plan would work. Now three years later, Carte Blanche asked REDISA again ‘Is the money being used to create jobs and develop a recycling industry?’

  • Environmental Crimes and Incidents Hotline

    01 November 2015, 19:00

    In South Africa, a number of laws protect us and our environment. You are encouraged to take responsibility in the...


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